As of October 3, 2015 Dodd-Frank required the integration of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) mortgage disclosures.

This applies to all qualifying loan applications taken after October 3, 2015· This is to aid in consumer understanding, allow for comparison shopping, to help locating key information such as interest rate,monthly payments and cost to close the loan.

The new Disclosure excludes Home Equity Lines, Mobile Homes, Commercial property and Reverse Mortgages. The lenders now have a new timeline for issuing Loan Estimates as well as obtaining critical information from the borrower.


For one thing the agents are now a part off the Disclosure. The new Disclosure will include contact information and license numbers for both buyer and seller Real Estate agents and their Brokers.
You’re FAR/BAR contract now has new verbiage and closing dates must be set out farther than the average 30 days. Real Estate Agents will not be allowed to obtain a copy of the Buyer’s Closing Disclosure without a “Consent Disclose Form” signed by the buyers.  Agents, Lenders and Title Companies will need to work together closely in order to avoid any delays.

When submitting a contract agents should now include several additional documents to provide critical information for the lender and closing agent.

1- Consent to Disclose – signed by buyer
2- Information sheet for loan officer
3-Agent licensing information sheet.

Our office has prepared and attached these forms for your convenience. Click on the link to download forms  >>The New TRID forms for Agents
We also are offering seminars for agents and their offices to help you understand the new regulations and make this transition as smooth as possible for all parties. Please contact us with any questions, we are here to help.